This was a tough one. It was a slog to get through 3/4 of the book. I kept thinking that this series was entirely too long if she could write a book where absolutely nothing happens. Then the last 1/4 happened and slightly redeemed the book. However, I am still left with the feeling that this series should be reaching its conclusion sooner rather than later.

Don't get me wrong. I loved where the plot went here. I just don't think we needed an entire book of angst and rehashing of feelings/loyalties/etc. to get there. I feel like most of this book was wasted revisiting what we already knew and fretting over the relationships that have developed.

Cleo and Magnus drove me mad. It started strong enough but then devolved into them not trusting each other again and not confiding in each other. Doubting the journey they had come on to finally get to each other. Nic and Olivia were almost pointless, kept around only for the climax. Lucia bored me half to death with her trip to the Sanctuary and travels across Paelsia. Even Amara was bland. Right up to the final few chapters where the book finally looked to the plot of the series and made some progress. That last bit was entertaining and reminded me why I love this series. But this whole book felt like a throw-away. Far too focused on the inner struggles of the characters and only barely touching on the overall plot.

I feel like I've invested so much time into this series, and I do still like the characters, so I'll read the next one. However, I am hoping that the author focuses on the plot and starts bringing this to its conclusion. Also, I need to know what will happen with Magnus as he's left if quite the precarious position.

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