Tick Tock

Tick Tock

eBook - 2011
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Jan 07, 2019

im into the 3rd book and am tired of the bad guy killing over and over again. Hope the next book is different. like the character but the plot.

Nov 08, 2018

Michael Bennett book really like this character would love to read more about this character read this book ages ago, among the first Patterson books to catch my eye.

DBRL_KrisA Jan 29, 2017

The first in the series of Michael Bennett books by James Patterson, and a really good way to start off the series. Patterson co-wrote this with Michael Ledwidge, and it shows. I have a bad habit of bad-mouthing Patterson's writing skills, and I should stop that. But it is nice to have a book like this, combining his plotting abilities with Ledwidge's smoother prose. The point of view changes back and forth from chapter to chapter, between Bennett and the murderer, but Bennett's chapters are in first-person, while the other chapters are in third-person, so it's not as confusing as it has been in other Patterson books.
I was a little bit confused by references made to Bennett's past cases, especially those where he partnered with FBI agent Emily Parker, which made me think that this was not the first book in the series. It's not that these references made me feel like I was missing pieces of the Michael Bennett puzzle; I just assumed from the references that there were other, earlier books featuring Bennett. I'm curious to see if later books in the series dig deeper into those past events.
Without a doubt, the best part of the book is when Bennett, on the verge of death, is visited in a dream by his dead wife. They talk about their children, and she praises his work in raising them without her. He assumes she's come to be his guide into the afterlife, and she has to tell him it's not time yet. This definitely passed the "crying in public" test - if I'd been in public when I read this chapter, I wouldn't have cared who saw the tears pouring out of my eyes.
I had a few small quibbles; I wasn't satisfied with the resolution of the family's problem with the Flaherty clan, and the climactic scene between Bennett and the murderer was a bit... anticlimactic. But overall, this is a really good, exciting read.

Apr 10, 2016

love this book my fav in series so far

Feb 18, 2016

Great book! Awesome characters. Would definitely recommended this book to a thriller junkie.

Jul 06, 2015

Michael Bennett and his family are great characters and lend themselves to some really funny dialogue. Unfortunately, the plot was extremely thin

Feb 26, 2014

I prefer the Michael Bennett series over the Alex Cross series. I have read every single book Mr. Patterson has written. This title was really good, best in the series I think.

akasq Mar 28, 2013

This is one of Patterson/Ledwidge
better novel.
Great characters in a milk white irish
way. This one has it all, with many
explosive turns.
Mike Bennett get plenty of action
But NO ACTION. the hero
needs to get some.

JennyX Aug 11, 2012

James Patterson never fails t excite his readers. What I love about this book as well as all of his other ones is that the detective relates his own life to the case and puts his job so close to his heart. For example, it's his niece who is targeted. The plot is very surprising and slightly confusing but definitely thrilling.

mjsn Jun 27, 2012

NYC Detective Michael Bennett is on vacation at the Jersey shore with his family. His family consists of 10 adopted children, a nanny, and his grandfather. He is called back on duty due to a string of murders that have resemblances to other horrific crimes of the past. His family stays at the vacation house and he travels back and forth from NYC to Jersey when he can. As the murders continue, Detective Bennett is targeted as well as his family members. He is followed back to Jersey by unknown assailants. While he is working his sons are getting picked on by a bully who's father is an officer in Jersey. The Jersey police have a lot of crooked officers on the job and they stifle the investigation when it comes to New Jersey. There are a lot of twists and turns in this book and the murderer and the reasoning behind the murders are ones that you would never imagine.

tmoorley Jun 08, 2012

Like this series, soft spot for the det. & all his children.

May 22, 2012

Not too bad
Typical Pattrson

mikeyppl Mar 29, 2012

I'm not a big fan of Patterson but I really enjoy this series. Hope there's more to come.

Krajzel Nov 20, 2011

As usual James Patterson comes thru with another thriller.

Aug 08, 2011

I really enjoy the Mike Bennett series, and found the ending of this one quite exciting. He has such a sweet family!


Now this is James Patterson as I know and love to read! Bennett is an enjoyable character along with his extensive family. Great story, action and suspense. Patterson has been all over the board lately with different co-authors, but this combo is a good match.

SpottyLizard May 03, 2011

Always enjoy books by James Patterson.

Apr 23, 2011

Well written and convincing story.

A rash of crimes rips through the city of New York. They appear to be the works of a calculating, deadly maniac(s).

City detective Bennet was called to handle the cases.

Quite a number of twists and turns.

First half of the book is all crimes;
Next half picks up steam in solving the crimes and is very interesting and an attention-grabber.

Apr 06, 2011

Another great suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat!!!

GypsyGirl Feb 24, 2011

This book is by patterson with co-author Michael Ledwidge and after reading it has shot it up to the top of my list of Best reads,
and I do believe it is all down to Ledwidge. (Read anything by him)
This book has all the elements of a good thriller but with a bit of Irish humour and romance thrown in, and it also encompasses the family values that can be lacking in real life. It is well written and fast paced and has the reader hooked until the very last page.

All in all an absolute fantastic read.

Feb 05, 2011

I really liked this book it was a good continuation of the Michael Bennett character.

debwalker Jan 24, 2011

The newest James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge mystery with New York detective Michael Bennett.

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